Saturday, April 24, 2010

FREE Beginner Spin Bike Classes to start Monday!

Jackie VanDam just started teaching a new Beginner Spin Bike Class on Monday evenings from 5:15-5:45pm. This free class will allow members to try spin at a more relaxed pace and for only 30 minutes of a challenging cardio workout! Have fun and learn how spin biking can reinforce your workout!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Personal Training Diary

After battling some health issues over the last several months, I was ready to embark on a new exercise program. In the past, I normally ran a couple times a week, biked once a week and swam occasionally but this time, I wanted to get my body in balance and incorporate strength, balance, agility and cardio for a total fitness impact.

Last week, I began the personal training program at Gold's with Brett Nelson. Brett is a certified personal trainer from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and quite knowledgeable about how we need to progress our bodies to achieve a desired fitness level. The first two sessions incorporated a full body assessment which measured my weight, fat percentage, resting heart beat, flexibility, strength, etc. I also learned many new active stretches combined with core balance moves to enhance flexibility and posture.

This week, we began plyometrics, the agility ladder where fancy footwork is required to step in and out of the wrungs splayed on the aerobics room floor, some balance ball exercises and finally, I progressed into weight training. Although my weights are light, I am learning proper technique to minimize any injuries.

For my cardio workout, I took a morning spin class which burned about 530 calories in one session plus I plan to participate in Mieko's mountain bike race on Sunday. Incorporating fun into the fitness routine is key.

I'm excited to see what I'll do next week!

If anyone is interested in the personal training program, please call Brett at 233-4000.