Friday, January 28, 2011

Last Chance!


Today and Tomorrow are you last to chances to SIGN UP for the dotFIT Transformation Challenge.

The last day to start the competition is TOMORROW January 29th.

So far we have 65 competitors of ALL ages, both Male and Female.

Join now for your chance to compete at over $5,000 in cash and prizes. Plus our top LOCAL winners will be eligible for the National Competition with a cash and prize purse at over $75,000.

Stop by Gold's Gym TODAY or TOMORROW to sign up!

Call 233-4000 for more information.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Smoothie of the Month

January's smoothie of the month: PEACH MANGO PARADISE!!!

dotFIT Transformation Challenge

The 2011 Body Transformation is HERE! :)

Sign up today at Gold's Gym.

There are two more flights ready to go! Starting this Saturday - January 22nd of the last Saturday January 29th.

Only $50 to enter and your chance to win over $5000 in cash and prizes!