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Your heart is your most important muscle. We’ve handpicked these exercises and classes to help you start keeping it in peak condition.
*Group cycle workouts such as Spin Bike.
*Group cardio workouts such as Boxercise Body Step or Zumba.
*Cardio exercises such as stairs or the elliptical machine.
*Cardio exercises such as the rowing.
*Individualized personal training.

Strength-train. Rest. Repeat. We’ve handpicked these exercises and classes to help start building muscles the right way.
*Muscle endurance training such as BodyPump or TRX.
*Mixed martial arts workouts such as BodyCombat or Boxercise.
*Dance and music workouts such as BodyStep or Zumba.
*Strength training exercises such as the leg press and squats,TRX.
*Individualized personal training.

There’s no endurance without discipline. We’ve handpicked these exercises and classes to help you stay stronger for longer — without shortcuts.
*Group Cardio and mixed martial arts workouts such as Body Step,
Zumba and Boxercise.
*Muscle building exercises such as push-ups.
*Cardio exercises such as jump rope.
*Individualized personal training.

While often overlooked, stretching is one of the most important parts of any fitness routine. That’s why we’ve handpicked these exercises that help you stay loose, so you can work out without worry.
*Muscle endurance training such as BodyPump or TRX.
*Combination workouts such as Yoga or Pilates.
*Individualized personal training.

Strength doesn’t just come from lifting weights. That’s why we’ve handpicked these exercises and classes to help you increase strength the right way.
*Combination workouts Core strengthening exercises such as TRX,Yoga
and Pilates.
*Mixed martial arts workouts such as BodyCombat or Boxercise.
*Strength training exercises such as squats.
* Individualized personal training.

Ultimately, losing weight comes down to the amount of work you put in. That’s why we’ve handpicked these exercises and classes to help you trim down in no time.
*Group cardio workouts such as Body Step,Zumba and Spin Bike.
*Mixed martial arts workouts such as BodyCombat or Boxercise.
*Full-body exercises such as TRX, burpees or squat thrusts.
*Cardio exercises such as treadmill intervals or the elliptical machine.
*Individualized personal training.

We’ve handpicked these exercises and classes to help you strike the perfect balance between a healthy workout routine and a healthy lifestyle.
*Combination workouts such as TRX, Yoga and Pilates
*Cardio exercises such as the treadmill or the stationary bike.
*Individualized personal training.

There can be a lot of reasons for stress. That’s why we’ve handpicked a variety of exercises and classes to help you relieve your body and mind.

*Combination workouts such as TRX, Yoga and Pilates.
*Core strengthening exercises such as the overhead medicine ball slam,
wall ball.
* Strength and cardio exercises such as boxing drills(Boxercise), Zumba,
Spin Bike.
* Individualized personal training.

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By: Ric Drasin
Legendary Gold’s Gym was founded by a man named Joe Gold. Yep, everyone knows that. But you might be surprised to learn that Joe Gold’s masterpiece of a gym went by a different name…
Joe Gold, the owner and developer of Gold's Gym had visions way back in the 60's of having his own gym and in 1965 he accomplished that mission and built his very own gym, which became the Mecca Of Bodybuilding.
In 1973, the gym was sold as Joe was a merchant marine and wanted to go back out to sea. At that time he not only sold the gym but the rights to his name as well. Sometimes we do things in life without realizing the big picture. In this case, once the name is sold, you can't get it back.
Well as we know, Gold's began to grow and within a couple of years it was becoming the gym to train in. Gold's was in all the magazines and sponsoring bodybuilding shows. The gym's popularity was huge and moving up the ranks fast.
Then the owners sold it again and those owners sold it as well and it was moved to 2nd street in Santa Monica. The building it was in was owned by actor Robert Blake. They only stayed in that location a few years and then moved to Hampton Street in Venice where it is now.
Returning From The Sea
Joe Gold returned from sea in 1976 and saw the popularity of his former gym and wanted back into the business. Here's where the problem came in. He sold his name so therefore legally was not able to open another gym with the name Gold in it. This frustrated him because it was his name!
I think any of us would feel that way, but legally there were no rights. So, he decided to open a bigger and better gym and call it World Gym - Owner Joe Gold. This actually sufficed and the gym opened up on Main Street in Santa Monica.
Almost immediately all the die-hard bodybuilders came running back to support Joe and joined his club. Arnold, Franco, Waller, Zabo, Giuliani, Zane, Platz, etc. You name it, they were there. The support was unbelievable.
Everyone liked Joe and they were thrilled to be back in one of his gyms. Now many of you don't know but Joe made ALL his equipment by hand, including even the dumbbells. This was what made his gym so unique. Everything was well thought out with angles and pulleys that made the greatest bodies in the world.
He still had the same rules, and that was if you drop the weights you're kicked out and absolutely no music was allowed in the gym. He just thought it was distracting.
The Second World's Gym
After a few years, I bought a house in Sherman Oaks, which is considered the valley and about 17 miles from the beach. I drove to the gym everyday back and forth to train because that was home to me. But, one day Joe told me that he was building another World Gym out by me so I wouldn't have to drive as far.
This is the World Gym that not too many people know of. It was built in Panorama City and was twice the size of his other gym. The weights and machines were all custom built by Joe as well and the workouts I got there were some of the best.
Members Of The Little Known
Second World Gym In The Valley.
Joe didn't believe in having heat or A/C in any of his gyms mainly because they were at the beach and it wasn't needed but in the valley it was different. 112 in the summer was normal and 30 at night in the winter wasn't unusual, but still, no heat and AC were provided.
I came in the gym one winter morning and there was ice on the dumbbells, that's how cold it was. I got sick and it turned into pneumonia. The doctor wanted to put me in the hospital but I declined.
Never the less, we all trained through it and had magnificent workouts. Some of the better bodybuilders there were Dave Johns, Mike Sable, and Rufus Howard at the time.
Joe held onto this gym for a few years but quickly tired of the drive back and forth from the beach to the Valley.
Changing Hands And Changing Locations
Joe sold the Valley gym to bodybuilder Steve Davis. All of us still trained there and new members would come from time to time but the gym was off the main path and hard to find. It wasn't drawing the people like the gym at the beach did and the Valley crowd was much different. I never trained at night there but was told it became a pretty rough crowd of gang bangers.
Steve held on to the gym for a few years and tried to make a go of it, but then decided to sell it, and sold it cheap for $25,000. Had I known at the time, I would have bought it up but it happened so fast no one knew it.
A couple of men from Sunland bought it, and one day we arrived and the gates were chained up. This is a similar story for many gyms across the world when they lose money. These people moved the gym to Sunland, which is quite a distance away so none of the members went along.
From what I'm told the gym went out of business and no one knows what happened to the equipment. To me, this is very sad because as I said, it was hand made equipment by Joe Gold himself and has a certain value to it if nothing other than for historical reasons.
Joe moved the gym in Santa Monica over to Venice in another huge building that he made by hand and it was tri-level. It was a very unusual shape and lacked the charisma of his other gyms.
The New Location Was Unusually Shaped And Lacked
The Charisma Joe Brought To His Other Gyms.
Arnold gave a hand in some of the financing and it stayed there for a few years. Then Joe moved it again to an old Sizzler Steak House in Marina Del Rey. I don't think it drew the membership to keep it going by then. It had been moved too many times and people lost track of it.
Full Circle
When Joe passed away in 2004, the gym closed down and the members all moved back to Gold's gym to train again. It's like everything went full circle.
But the memories remain and some of the guys are still around to talk about it. Let's hope it never fades.

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GGX Class Schedule for June 26, Thursday:

AM:Body Step (Bel) -8:30am-9:30am
PM:Spin Bike (Gerald) - 5:15pm-6:15pm
Pilates (Ella) - 5:30pm-6:30pm
Boxercise (Jasper) - 6:30pm-7:30pm


EITQUETTE: 8 Rules of Gym courtesy
We polled our members to see what tops the list of fitness faux 
pas. Here are the big 8, plus advice from our experts on how to keep them from ruining your workout.

                                                       Rule 1: Keep it clean
Wearing the same unwashed workout clothes for a week: not the best way to make friends. Choose athletic attire in breathable cotton or moisture-wicking fabric, and use a high-octane antiperspirant to keep odor at bay. Don't be afraid to administer an occasional sniff test: if you can smell yourself, so can others. Skip the heavy cologne or perfume, too; others may be allergic. When a fellow exerciser's fragrance is overwhelming — like knock-you-off-the-treadmill potent — talk to someone at the front desk, e-mail the club, or slip a note in the suggestion box, says Mike Ryan, a Los Angeles-based celebrity trainer and member of the Gold's Gym Fitness Institute. "Any way you can communicate with management makes for a better environment."

Rule 2: Give people their space
"Don't train on someone's lap," Ryan says. In the stretching area, free-weight room or in group-exercise classes, where lots of people share one space, keep a jumping jack-size distance from the person next to you. Otherwise, "you could accidentally get a dumbbell in the face," says Corry Matthews, a Virginia-based trainer and member of the Gold's Gym Fitness Institute. And make sure to watch where you're going as you navigate the gym. If you're caught up in a conversation as you're walking around, you can lose track of where you are and accidentally bump into a wall, a machine, or someone else's workout.
                                                       Rule 3: Play nice on the machinesent, 
When it comes to equipment keep a couple things in mind:
• While resting between sets, don't remain on the machine, especially if there's a line to use it. Get up and invite others to work in to your sets. And if someone's hogging the machine, ask if you can share.
• Unload weight bars when you're finished, and return free weights to their homes. It's just plain rude to leave weights lying on the floor where people can trip over them. If the leg press you're approaching is still loaded, politely ask the previous user to remove the weights if they're too heavy for you to lift, Matthews says.  

Rule 4: Use your inside voice
Training requires intensity, and loud conversations on the gym floor can ruin a set of reps. Save fraternizing for the locker room, or wait till you're outside the gym to finish your talk. The same goes for cell phones. Just turn them off; if you're able to talk on your phone, you're probably not getting a good workout. Likewise, keep loud grunting or moaning to a minimum. Sure, you're exerting yourself and that's expected — but sounding as if you're in labor can be annoying and distracting to others. Feeling like you're the victim of another member's noise pollution? "In any situation like this, it's best to go to a manager and ask them to handle the situation without bringing up your name," recommends Joy Weaver, etiquette expert and author of How to Be Socially Savvy in All Situations ( "You don't want to make an enemy or make the other person feel uncomfortable."

Rule 5: Respect your peers 
The gym is a great place to meet like-minded people who share your same goals, but it's not a pickup joint. It's not cool to try to chat up someone who's in full sprint mode, particularly if he or she is jamming to music, watching TV or reading. "These activities send a clear message that they're not interested in human interaction right now," says Caroline Tiger, author of How to Behave: A Guide to Modern Manners for the Socially Challenged. Still, if you're set on conversing, Tiger recommends fishing for a cue. "If you make eye contact and they wave and remove their earbuds, you're all clear. But if they nod and go back to working out, give them space." If you do get the green light, Weaver adds: "Sincerity and genuineness are your best bet, instead of one-liners. Make friends first and see where it goes from there."

Rule 6: Keep your sweat to yourself
Is there anything grosser than stepping onto a machine that the last user has left soaking wet? So lead by example: Wipe down the equipment with a towel and cleaning solution before and after using them, no matter how much you perspired. If you see someone leaving a pool of sweat behind, feel free to politely ask the person to towel it off. "Remember, it's never exactly what you say, it's how you say it," Weaver says. But if the person is sending bad vibes — you'll be able to tell by their body language — just clean it off yourself.

Rule 7: Keep your opinions to yourself 

The only person who should correct someone's form is a gym employee. "Despite its setting in a public space, working out is a very personal thing. Bodily functions are involved. So is self-esteem," Tiger says. "By offering advice, you're invading a personal bubble." And you're being presumptuous. If someone offers you unsolicited advice, a simple "Thanks" is in order.

Rule 8: Leave something to the imagination
After you hit the showers and apply lotion, it's time to cover up. "You have to figure that the majority of people in the locker room will feel a little uncomfortable being so close to someone they don't know very well who's entirely naked — and why make people unduly uncomfortable?" Tiger says. "That means putting on underwear before sitting on a bench, putting on clothes if you have a conversation and keeping exhibitionist tendencies to yourself."

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GGX Class Schedule for June 25, Wednesday:
AM:Spin Bike (Jay)-5:45am-6:45am
Body Step (Bel) -8:30am-9:30am
PM:TRX (Roger) - 5pm, 5:30pm, 6:00pm
Spin Bike (Gerald) - 5:30pm-6:30pm
Body Pump (Bel) - 5:30pm-6:30pm
Zumba (Nats) - 6:30pm-7:30pm

Gold's Gym Worldwide

Travel Benefits

Once you're a member at one Gold's Gym, you're a member of all the Gold's Gym, after all we don't want to give you an excuse to stop working out just because you are away. Pick up a travel pass, and benefit from over 650 clubs worldwide.
  • Established in 1965
  • 650+ Gyms Worldwide
  • 41 States
  • 5 Provinces
  • 30 Countries
  • 3 Million Members
  • Our members climb 1,700,000 flights of stairs a day, the equivalent of 11,000 Empire State Buildings
  • They run 556,800 miles a day, 23 times around the Earth.
  • They bike 236,670 miles a day, 750 times across the United States
  • They lift 3.6 billion pounds a day, more than all the gold bars in Fort Knox
  • Our members lose 43,835 pounds of body fat a day, enough to make a difference in the health of the world.

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Estrella Decena is ‘Super Mom’

A MOTHER of five, Estrella Roja Decena, 38, was crowned “Super Mom 2014” on Saturday night, besting 17 other candidates at the Saipan World Resort in the pageant held by the United Filipino Organization.
Super Mom Estrella Roja Decena during the talent portion.
Decena also won the Island Touch Choice Award provided by Island Touch.
The first runner-up was Sheryll Q. Sabino, 35, a mother of two from Dandan; second runner-up, Antonieta B. Magbanua, 42, a mother of two from San Vicente; third runner-up, Josephine M. Tengco, 39, a mother of three from Garapan; and fourth runner-up, Catherine C. Regalado, 48, a mother of three.
Magbanua received four other special awards: Miss Photogenic, Darling of the Crowd, Star of the Night, and Best in Evening Gown.
Melba V. Camacho received the “Best Spirit” Award while Rebecca E. Urbano was Miss Congeniality. She was selected for the honor by her fellow contestant for being the most congenial, charismatic and inspirational participant.
Virginia R. Cruz was the “Best Talent” and was also named “Miss Flawless” for her smooth complexion.
The Early Bird Awards went to Teresita P. Pangelinan and Nora J. Ayuyu.
Super Mom Estrella Decena received $800 in cash, a crown, a sash and a bouquet.
The first, second, third and fourth runner-ups received $500, $300, $100, $100 cash prizes.
The other candidates were Elena Delos Santos, Norlyn Cabrera, Jennifer Kaipat, Precilla Villafuerte, Joy Legaspi, Matilde Gutierrez, Mylene Sapio and Rodilita Agbanlog.
Except for Ayuyu, all the candidates participated in the talent portion of the competition
The pageant judges were Allen Michael Perez, Marissa Mafnas, Divana M. Dela Cruz, Olivia Srue Tebuteb Tenonio, Ana Glushko and Mona Celia “Hinalani” Reyes Mercado.
The tabulators from the Marianas Institute of Filipino CPA’s and Accountants were Flor Miranda and Irene Santiago.
Estrella Roja Decena in her evening gown.

In an interview, Super Mom Decena said all the candidates were good and “have guts.”
All of them, she added, did a great job from beginning to end.
Decena considered the talent portion as the most enjoyable part of the competition.
“I am amazed by the talent of the other contestants. I also gained friends because of this pageant. Every time we had to practice, I was in a hurry to get out of my work — I was so excited,” she said.
Estrella Roja Decena is crowned Super Mom.
She thanked the organizers for the great opportunity they provided the contestants.
“This is one of the best things that ever happened to me. This is the only time I have smiled for a long period of time,” she said.
A customer service representative and Body Pump/Pilates instructor at Gold’s Gym, Decena expressed appreciation to the people who supported and assisted her throughout the pageant: John and Florilyn Jones, Payless Shoe Source Inc., Peter Diaz, Mary Pelen, Mylene Palacios, Nina and Vicky, Gold’s Gym staff, Arlene Malonzo, Natalie, Janet, Aaron, Roger, JP, John, Gerald, Nely and Alex, Erlinda Shimizu, Dee Clayton, Kaori Iizuka, Jully Rose Kimura, Suzie Perez, Patty Cruz, Marina Cole, Jerry and Rose Diaz and Russel Guico.
She also thanked UFO President Annamae Adaza and Ernie Molina, the event director.
“I am hoping that there will be another beauty pageant for those mothers who want to join and show what they got. It’s really amazing to see mothers on stage competing in a beauty pageant,” she said.
Decena is also hoping that more mothers will join a physical fitness program and take care of their bodies to live longer and stay healthy.
Decena thanked her family for their support: Jonathan, Sandra, Naomi, Abegail, Destinee, Jonathan II, god aughters Trisha and Tanya, and “Ninang” Nora and her in-laws.
Molina said he was happy that the candidates enjoyed the competition and learned a lot of things including posture, social etiquette and family values.
Hundreds from the community had already gathered in the Taga Hall of Saipan World Resort before the program started at 6:15 p.m. on Saturday.

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GGX Schedule for Monday, June 23:g

AM:Spin Bike (Gerald) - 5:45am-6:45am
Yoga (NJ) - 8:30am-9:30am
PM:TRX (Roger) - 5pm,5:30pm,6:00pm
Spin Bike (Gerald) - 5:15pm-5:45pm (Beginners)
Spin Bike (Gerald) - 6:00pm-7:00pm
Body Step (Bel) - 5:30pm-6:30pm
Zumba (Nats) - 6:30pm-7:30pm

Friday, June 20, 2014

GGX Class Schedule for June 21, Saturday:

AM:Spin Bike (Roger)- 8:30am-9:30am
TRX (Roger) -9:30am-10:30am
Body Pump (Ella) - 8:30am-9:30am
Yoga (NJ) - 10:00am-11:30am

Below you will find some of the questions along with the answers most commonly asked about our Membership.
What’s included in my membership?
Services and use of Facilities:
Cardio vascular and resistance equipment, huge selection of free weights, TRX, kettlebells, wallballs, Gold’s Group Exercise classes, *1 time asessment and orientation with a fitness instructor,towel rental, free locker, sauna, shower room, Smoothie Bar and Cafe, fully air conditioned throughout, **Personal training, *free Gold's Travel Pass, free wi-fi.
What makes Gold's Gym different?
We have something money can't buy - a PASSION for what we do!
Atmosphere - Comfortable and Inviting.
Staff - Friendly, helpful, & professional.
Service - Truly execeptional .
Follow-up - What most clubs won't do after they have your money - to us it is ESSENTIAL!
Motivation - Some have, some don't - we provide it.
Goals - Our job is to help you accomplish yours!
How often should I work out? How long should a workout be?
There is no one answer to these questions. When you join Gold’s Gym one of our qualified fitness instructors or personal trainers will develop a personal program for you based on your current fitness level and goals once you enroll with our annual membership.
What does Personal Trainer do?
A personal trainer is someone who, can personally guide you through each workout so that you can achieve 100% results 100% of the time. They will provide expert knowledge, encouragement, monitor your technique and constantly fine-tune your program as you progress.
Can I take a break in my membership?
Yes ! We offer memberships to be suspended for a minimum of 1 month to a maximum of 3 months twice in a year (1 months notice required from your direct debit date), $5 fee for every month you are going to freeze your account.
Can I transfer my membership to a friend?
Memberships are non-transferable,unless you have'nt started using your membership yet.
If know someone who could benefit from membership... What should I do?
If you introduce a friend who will enroll into an annual membership,while your membership (you have to be an annual member as well) is still current, you may be entitled to a 1 month free membership.
Will the cost of my membership go up in the near future?
Gold's Gym believes in value for money. We have cut the $99 enrollment fee to $49 for our Annual Membership . However, membership rates may be changed from time to time in accordance with company policy.
Can I use any Gold’s Gym Club?
AS the largest chain of Health and Fitness clubs in the world with over 600 clubs world wide and in excess of 3 million members who range from Hollywood celebrities, professional athletes and people like you and us – we just want to look after your future health. You will need to collect a special passport to gain access while on holiday or business abroad for a period of 2 weeks. (Terms & Conditions will apply).
*included in annual membership package.
** have to be availed.
If you have any further queries, please call the following numbers and we will do our best to help you. #233-4000,#233-4001

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GGX Class Schedule for June 20, Friday:

AM:Spin Bike (Jay)- 5:30am-6:30am
Body Step (Bel) -8:30am-9:30am
PM:Pilates (Ella) - 5:30pm-6:30pm
Zumba (Nats) - 6:30pm-7:30pm

GGX Class Schedule for June 18, Wednesday:
AM:Spin Bike (Jay)-5:45am-6:45am
Body Step (Bel) -8:30am-9:30am
PM:TRX (Roger) - 5pm, 5:30pm, 6:00pm
Spin Bike (Gerald) - 5:30pm-6:30pm
Body Pump (Bel) - 5:30pm-6:30pm
Zumba (Nats) - 6:30pm-7:30pm

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

GGX Class Schedule for June 19, Thursday:

AM:Body Step (Bel) -8:30am-9:30am
PM:Spin Bike (Gerald) - 5:15pm-6:15pm
Pilates (Ella) - 5:30pm-6:30pm
Boxercise (Jasper) - 6:30pm-7:30pm

Weight Loss: Tasty Shake Recipes To Help You Get Fit

Are you trying to lose a few pounds for summer? Weight loss shakes can help. Not only are weight loss shakes healthy and a substitute for unhealthy meals, they are also convenient and can be prepared ahead of time if necessary.

One of the best things about weight loss shakes is that you can make them to fit your needs.

Protein shakes are filling and can give you the energy needed to power through tough workouts or long days at the office. You can add your favorite protein powder to these shakes to get a double dose of protein or just enjoy them as they are for a healthy shake that is great as a snack or a meal replacement.

If you are searching for some great weight loss shake recipes, look no further, come to Gold's Gym and start with our healthy "Smoothie of the Month" and check on our variety of tasty, delicious and healthy smoothies.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What is GGX?

Group X stands for Group Exercise. At Gold’s Gym, Group X consists of members coming together in classes led by experienced, certified instructors, putting exercise and music together in a structured, comfortable environment where participants are coached toward a common goal.
The Benefit of Gold’s Group Exercise (GGX)

Group Exercise, or GGX, as we call it in the Gold’s Gym system, encompasses a wide variety of fitness programming to meet your needs. Some of the classes we offer include step aerobics, body sculpting and yoga, pilates, spinning. The rooms are clean, climate controlled and designed to accommodate the needs of large groups of people.

Gold’s Group Exercise (GGX) offers a variety of classes that improve strength, flexibility, cardiovascular conditioning and body composition. You don’t need special skills or training to be involved with our wide variety of group exercise classes, and the schedules will fit right out for you with up to 50 classes per week you will experience the real calories burning through our Aerobic room, and Spinning room.
With a high energy music, also our top experience Gold’s Group Exercise (GGX) instructors leadership, and lot of fun, the classes provide an excellent way to burn calories and provide the cardiovascular conditioning and stretching that helps lead to toning & firming. Each program is carefully designed to deliver a simple, fun and effective social experience independent of barriers like gender, age or fitness level.
Gold's Gym offers a variety Group Exercise Classes (GGX) for you to enjoy which are included as part of your membership. These provide a fun and energetic way of improving your fitness.

Monday, June 16, 2014

What is Dotfit?

dotFIT Weight Management Program
The dotFIT Weight Management System was developed exclusively for the fitness environment and for people who truly understand that diets don’t really work and never will. With dotFIT the focus is on learning what foods work for you and how exercise changes your body and what you can eat; all coupled with guidance from your dotFIT professional.

What is the dotFIT Program?
The dotFIT Program is a comprehensive online fitness and nutrition plan. The exercise component is powered by the experts at the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and the food database is powered by CalorieKing. Using our proprietary Fitness Intelligence Technology, the dotFIT Program walks you through a short series of questions so you can create a fitness program integrated with a nutrition plan that is precisely right for you. It’s flexible, convenient and best of all—it works!
Access to multiple lifestyle menus designed by registered dietitians
Access the CalorieKing food database of over 50,000 foods
Online food log featuring simple drag-and-drop technology
Calorie targets automatically based on your goals
Your own menus, meal plans and favorite foods
Ability to track caloric deficit or surplus in real time, online
Personalized dietary supplement recommendations to support your specific goals
20% discount for online purchases of dotFIT brand products, including our delicious nutrition bars and meal replacement shakes
Ability to add an optional body monitoring device( Exerspy )
Unlimited access to videos, articles, and FAQs