Friday, May 28, 2010

Personal Training Diary

For the last five weeks, I've embarked on committing to a personal training program that not only provides me motivation but helps me see results in strength, flexibility, balance and of course, less fat.

I've been able to sprint on the treadmill, starting at a 10 minute mile to now an 8 minute mile. I can now do regular pushups (not the modified ones on the knees) and bench press the bar (45lbs). Five weeks ago, I didn't lift anything over 25 lbs and most importantly, I feel better and healthier.

The one hour training sessions are flanked by my personal stretching and sprinting routine for 15 minutes before and after. The 90 minutes flies by as Brett takes me through new agility moves in the aerobics room where he has me sprint forwards, side step and run backwards, repeating it three times.

Earlier this week, I did three rounds of: 10 pushups, 10 upright rows and 10 deep V squats. The workout is challenging and fun at the same time and Brett encourages me to do "two more" so I can push myself. Without someone to tell me this, I could easily quit at my 12 repetitions.

Fitness is a lifestyle so I'm happy to learn that I can do so much more than I had imagined before embarking on the program.